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Custom Image

Custom Image

Create Image

Select the host for which you want to create an image, and then click the Create Image button. Fill in the image name and description, and click OK to create the image.

After entering the image name and description, click the OK button to generate the image of the host. The page will then be redirected to the Image Management page.

The price of a custom image is the same as the original image from which the custom image is created. For example, if a custom image is created from the CentOS 6.5 provided by SurferCloud, then using this image to create a host is free; if a custom image is created from a chargeable image in the image market, then a host created from this custom image will still incur the cost of the market image. User's custom images will be permanently stored in the current region for the user.

Please ensure that you do not modify the key system configurations, such as network-related configuration information, before creating a custom image. Changes to key system configurations may cause problems such as the inability to create an image or the inability to start an image that has been created.

Image Management

Supports modifying username, remarks.

Create a host from an image

New hosts can be created from custom images.
The images in this availability zone can only be used to create hosts within the same zone. If you need to create across availability zones, please submit a ticket to upgrade the image to regional service permissions.

The restrictions on the applicable machine types of the image are inherited from the parent image of the custom image. For example, if the parent image of the image is a Windows image, you cannot create a host with 1 core through this image, nor can you enable network enhancement.

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