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Hardware Isolation Group is a logical grouping of cloud hosts, ensuring that each cloud host within the group is located on a different physical machine. Each isolation group can add up to 7 cloud hosts in a single availability zone.

Specify Isolation Group When Creating a Host

During the process of creating a host, you can optionally join a Hardware Isolation Group.

Conditions for choosing to join the hardware isolation group: The number of hosts in the isolation group in the current availability zone must be <7.

If there is currently no isolation group, you can select "Create Isolation Group", enter the isolation group page to complete the creation, and then select to refresh this pop-up window.

View Isolation Group

Through the Hardware Isolation Group Tab, you can view all isolation groups.

In the host list, you can also expand the "Hardware Isolation Group" column in the "Custom List". It supports filtering hosts through isolation groups.

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