Product Advantages

Flexibility and Elasticity

According to the development trend of the business, users can scale cloud resources horizontally and vertically at any time to eliminate resource waste. Cloud hosts can be created or released in minutes, with the ability to upgrade online, i.e., upgrade or downgrade the host CPU and memory within 5 minutes. Upgrade or downgrade public network bandwidth online, and easily replicate host data and environment with custom image function. It also provides open APIs and open-source developer tools to meet batch management and automation management needs.

High Availability

Strictly rent or build IDC according to Tier 3+/National Standard A, follow IDC standards, server access standards, and operation and maintenance standards to ensure the high availability of the cloud computing infrastructure, the reliability of data, and the high availability of cloud servers. The cloud services provided by Surfercloud can be smoothly switched between, including disaster recovery, backup and other services, all have very mature solutions.

Stability and Reliability

Promise 99.95% service availability, data reliability is not less than 99.9999%. The local disk of the cloud host uses RAID for data protection to prevent data loss; the cloud disk has three-copy disaster recovery capability, IO isolation, and fast data migration capability. Kernel optimization and hot patch technology, uninterrupted online migration technology, provide data snapshot and other functions, in case of failure, hundred times compensation.

High Performance

The performance indicators of the host CPU and memory are excellent, and the unique storage technology (IO acceleration technology) increases the random read and write I/O capability of the disk by 10 times that of ordinary SAS disks; There are also SSD disk cloud hosts, providing ultra-high IOPS performance. Excellent network processing capabilities to meet various business application requirements.

Security Guarantee

100% complete network isolation between tenants to ensure data security. Provide network firewall, security group and other functions, strictly control public network connections. With the cooperation of VPC function, a private subnet under a single account can be established to support your internal security management needs. Provide a variety of monitoring and security tools, DDOS protection, intrusion detection, data leakage detection, vulnerability protection and other comprehensive security protection solutions, fully protect business data security. You can back up data by creating snapshots, through manual and automatic snapshot backup strategies, without worrying about the risk of data loss due to operational errors.

Data Center

SurferCloud is located in international data centers, relying on high-quality hardware resources and infrastructure to provide users with excellent BGP and international bandwidth resources. According to the needs of the business, you can choose a data center that matches the target user area you need to cover. SurferCloud, based on its overseas deployment advantages, has a large number of data center regions, up to 16, which is very suitable for the overseas business needs of Chinese game companies. Alt text

Flexible CPU and Memory Ratio Capabilities

SurferCloud provides a CPU and memory ratio of 1:8, with flexible configuration to meet the business scenario needs of different customers, and the cost can be optimized.

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