Feature Overview

  • All data center nodes of SurferCloud can support the creation of cloud hosts (UHost)
  • A variety of host types meet the needs of different business scenarios. The previous generation of products includes general N-type, high-frequency C-type, and GPU type; the new generation of Outstanding series products includes Outstanding O-type, Outstanding Pro-type, Outstanding shared type, and Outstanding memory type, etc.
  • Flexible host specifications, both CPU and memory size can be customized. The CPU to memory ratio ranges from 1:1 to 1:8, which can meet the customized needs of different businesses and maximize the savings of enterprise IT expenditure. More flexible CPU to memory ratios can also be created through APIs.
  • 3 types of disk: local ordinary disk, local SSD disk, cloud disk (UDisk), among which cloud disk includes ordinary cloud disk, SSD cloud disk, and RSSD cloud disk, with different performance, price, availability, and capacity limit, all can be freely combined;
  • Support for common Linux and Windows images, and custom images;
  • External firewall, providing network security access control function;
  • Support for 2 types of network modes: basic network (UNet) and private network (UVPC);
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the health of the host with multiple monitoring indicators;
  • Support for the creation of highly available clusters using the load balancing product (ULB);
  • Some hosts can enable the hot upgrade function, upgrading CPU/memory without shutting down;
  • Various billing modes: prepaid monthly and yearly, and prepaid hourly (Hourly).
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  • Contact our sales to help your business.