Elastic Public IP

Public IP

The public IP address is the main way for users to access cloud hosts and for host instances to provide services to the outside world. At SurferCloud, the public IP is elastically migratable, which means when a host has a fault, the public IP can easily be migrated to another host, i.e., "Elastic IP". When you create a host, if you choose to purchase an Elastic IP and public bandwidth quota at the same time, an Elastic IP will be allocated and bound to your host. You can also find this IP resource information in the information panel of the network product.

How to manage Elastic IP

Multicast and Broadcast

Currently, UHost supports broadcast in the basic network mode, but does not support multicast.


The firewall provides protection for the host. By binding firewall rules to the UHost, you can control and manage public network access to the host, providing necessary security for the host. The firewall supports TCP/UDP/ICMP/GRE protocols. We have created several default firewall groups for you, with TCP ports 22 and 3389 and PING open by default. You can adjust or create more firewall policies according to your business situation.

How to manage the firewall

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