The following document briefly introduces the concept and restrictions of the cloud host intranet. For more detailed network-related content, please refer to Basic Network and Private Network.

Intranet IP

The Intranet IP address is uniformly assigned by the system. If you change the intranet IP within the operating system, it will cause the intranet communication to be interrupted. The communication traffic between hosts in the same data center through the intranet IP is free. The intranet IP can be used for intranet mutual visits between cloud host instances, and it can also be used for intranet mutual visits between the cloud host and other cloud services, such as UDB, UMem.

In addition, SurferCloud also supports Intranet Virtual IP, which can be directly set on the host after application.

Intranet Speed Limit Rules

Outstanding Cloud Host Series

The bandwidth speed limit rules for the Outstanding Cloud Host Series (Outstanding type, Outstanding S type, Outstanding PRO type) are as follows:

Number of CoresIntranet Bandwidth Limit
4 cores and below2Gb
8 cores4Gb
16 cores7.5Gb
32 cores15Gb
64 cores and above22Gb

Previous Generation Cloud Host Series

The Previous Generation Cloud Host Series does not have bandwidth throttling, and its maximum internal bandwidth is 10Gb.

However, when Network Enhancement is not enabled, the packet sending and receiving capability is the main performance bottleneck, which usually prevents the cloud host from reaching the 10G bandwidth limit. The maximum bandwidth can be calculated by multiplying the packet limit (300,000 PPS) by the average packet size. For example: For large packets with a communication packet size of 1400 bytes, the bandwidth limit is 30000014008=3.36Gbps.

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