An Image is a template for the running environment of a cloud host instance, which includes the operating system, pre-installed software, and configurations.

Images are divided into two categories.

The first is "Standard Images", provided by SurferCloud official, including various Linux, Windows and other operating systems.

The second is "Custom Images", which are dedicated images created by users through cloud hosts and are only visible to the user themselves.

SurferCloud Dedicated Image

The SurferCloud Host Series uses Network Enhancement 2.0 and RSSD Cloud Disk technology. For Linux images, there are certain requirements for the image kernel, that is, it must be at least kernel 4.19. Therefore, for standard images of CentOS 8.0 and below / Ubuntu 20.04 and below / Debian 10.0 and below, SurferCloud has upgraded them all to the 4.19 kernel, replacing their native kernel. This high version kernel will not affect the use of upper-layer applications and is usually more secure than lower version kernels.

For images that cannot support SurferCloud hosts after uploading, please contact technical support for guidance on upgrading the kernel version.

For Windows images, there are no such kernel version requirements.

Standard Image Filtering

Get Image List - DescribeImage

Product TypeModel CategoryFilter ConditionsRemarks
UHostOutstanding ModelImage Features contain RssdAttachable, filter Vgpu_AMD, Vgpu_NVIDIAOutstanding model requires a dedicated image, identified by RssdAttachable
UHostARM ModelImage Features contain RssdAttachable, Aarch64_Type, filter Vgpu_AMD, Vgpu_NVIDIAARM model is a type within the Outstanding series, belonging to Outstanding O type Ampere version
UHostNon-Outstanding ModelImageName cannot contain "High Kernel", filter Vgpu_AMD, Vgpu_NVIDIAPseudo code demonstration: !ImageName.includes("High Kernel")

Vgpu_AMD, Vgpu_NVIDIA are image tags related to EPC product image graphics enhancement, no further logic explanation is provided here.

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