Getting Started

Common Precautions

Change host configuration

  1. When selecting "Change Configuration" in the menu, the operation is performed by default after shutting down. If you need to upgrade the system without restarting, please make sure the host supports hot upgrades (you can see "Hot Upgrade" in the model | features), and select "Hot Upgrade" operation in the menu;

  2. If the system disk size is changed, the configuration change time will be longer. The reference time is about 100G/30mins. But after the expansion is completed, there is no need to manually adjust in the system;

  3. After expanding the data disk, you need to manually adjust in the system. For details, see Disk Expansion;

  4. The refund generated by downgrading the configuration will be immediately returned to your cash account or gift account;

  5. The settlement method of refunds/differences generated by changing configurations can be found in the Documentation.

Reinstall Host

  1. Reinstalling the host will not cause changes to the internal and external IP;

  2. Please pay attention to changes in the file system, such as reinstalling CentOS 6.x to 7.x, which may cause the data disk to be unrecognizable.

Delete Host

  1. Once the host is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. Please operate carefully and back up your data in time;

  2. Deleting the host will automatically unbind EIP and UDisk. If you no longer need this IP and data disk, you can go to the corresponding page to delete them;

  3. If the host is in arrears, the operation of deleting the host will not delete the arrears orders. You still need to pay these orders;

  4. If the host has not reached the expiration time, deleting the host will trigger a refund, which will be immediately returned to your cash account or gift account. For the refund calculation method, see Instruction Document.

Creating an Image

  1. It is recommended to shut down before creating an image, otherwise there is a certain probability that the image cannot be started after creation;

  2. Only system disk images are supported. If you want to backup the data disk, please use the UDataArk feature.

Resetting Password

  1. Currently, it is still necessary to shut down to reset the password;

  2. If the default account of the host has been modified, the password reset may not take effect.

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