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Our Cloud Servers provide exceptional computing, storage and networking performance, comparable to AWS-EC2, but at a 50% less cost.

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  • 15+ Global Data CentersHOT
  • No KYC RequirementsHOT
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • New Generation Machine
  • High Performance Disk
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Flexible ExpansionHOT
  • 99.95% Availability Commitment
  • VPC private network
  • Data Backup
  • Multiple Data Protection
  • Upgrade Without Restarting

* This activity does not support changing zones and configurations, If resources are deleted midway, a refund will be made based on the list price.
* Promotional prices are only valid for the first period and are renewed at the list price. If you need a follow-up discount, please contact your exclusive customer manager.

Our hosting offers you a full set of features along with extreme speed and performance.

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Why Choose SurferCloud for Your Needs

Comprehensive Protection

Comprehensive Protection

Provides comprehensive three-dimensional protection including host intrusion detection, website vulnerability detection, DDoS attack protection, data encryption and other functions to protect your business security.



Cloud hosts are created within minutes, and configuration selection is highly flexible. Users can elastically scale cloud resources according to business needs at any time, eliminating resource waste.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Provides a logically isolated network environment between users, and supports specifying VPC network segments and creating subnets to achieve autonomous management of cloud hosts.

Stability and Reliability

Stability and Reliability

It promises 99.95% availability and supports kernel hot patch technology. In the event of a security incident, the entire platform can be upgraded online, and the cloud host does not need to be restarted.

Global Data Centers

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  • Hongkong,CN
  • Taipei,CN
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo
  • Seoul
  • Jakarta
  • Mumbai
  • Bangkok
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Manila
  • Los Angeles
  • Sao Paulo
  • London
  • Dubai
  • Lagos

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Dedicated Hosting


  • Global Acceleration
  • IO Acceleration Tech
  • NVMe RSSD Disk
  • Latest Generation Intel/AMD CPU


  • 99.95% SLA
  • 60+ Configurations


  • 24/7/365 Support On All Plans
  • Dedicated Account Manager


  • Comprehensive Protection
  • Isolated Network Environment
  • Regular OS and Patch Management

Other VPS

Shared Hosting

Other VPS

Infrastructure Hosting

Other VPS

Managed Hosting

What Do Our Customers Say?

The best hosting companyCustomersCase1_title

Since our company began using SurferCloud, It has notably increased our website's access speed, enhanced customer experience, and made a substantial contribution to our business growth.

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    If you had not used our services before, you can contact your account manager to get a $50 credit, but it cannot be used for active products.
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  • Contact our sales to help your business.