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Secure, stable, and highly scalable cloud servers

Product Advantages

  • 18+ Global Availability Zones

    Cloud hosting products are launched in more than 18 availability zones around the world, covering five continents, providing your global business with consistent high-quality cloud computing services.

  • Excellent performance

    It supports up to Intel Cascadelake CPU, self-developed network enhancement 2.0 technology, disk Binlog technology, RSSD cloud disk with full NVMe disk, etc., and can achieve up to 1.2 million IOPS IO performance and 10 million PPS network performance.

  • Stable and reliable service commitment

    99.95% availability commitment, support kernel hot patch technology, the entire platform can be upgraded online when a security incident occurs, and the cloud host does not need to restart.

  • Quick build in minutes

    With the help of simplified host creation steps and self-developed Blockstreaming technology, cloud hosts are implemented within minutes from creation to access.

Recommended Configuration

Intel Edition Outdstanding O

Ultra-high performance, affordable price

AMD Edition Outdstanding O

Ultra-high performance, affordable price


Flexible and customizable combinations of CPU, memory, and disk


  • Multiple models

    The machine types include general-purpose, high-frequency, GPU, and Outstanding types, and can be combined with network enhancement, hot upgrade, data ark, and other features to customize cloud hosts that meet your business needs.

  • Flexible and elastic

    The configuration options are highly flexible, with a maximum of 64 vCPUs and 256GB of memory. You can easily increase or decrease the configuration of the cloud host at any time, and also expand or reduce the amount of resources according to business needs.

  • Support mainstream images

    You can choose from the standard images provided by UHost or upload custom images. The standard images include CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows, and Redhat.

  • UHighDisk

    Supports ordinary local disks, ordinary cloud disks, SSD local disks, SSD cloud disks, and RSSD cloud disks. You can choose the appropriate disk type and size based on performance and availability.

  • UVPC

    Provide a network environment with logical isolation between users, and support specifying VPC segments and creating subnets to achieve independent management of cloud hosts.

  • Billing Mode

    Adopting a prepaid billing model, it supports payment on an hourly, monthly, and yearly basis, with a 17% discount for yearly payment.

  • Stable and reliable

    UHost promises 99.95% service availability, with data reliability not less than 99.9999%. In the event of a failure, compensation will be provided at a hundredfold.


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