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EIP, bandwidth, firewall and other network resource services

Product Introduction


Basic Network (Net) is a basic network resource service provided by SurferCloud, including Elastic IP, bandwidth, and firewall, etc.

Product Advantages

  • Multiple Billing Options Available

    Provide various billing methods such as fixed bandwidth, traffic-based billing, and shared bandwidth to meet the needs of different business scenarios.

  • Bandwidth Flexibility on Demand

    Supports purchasing bandwidth in hourly, monthly, or yearly modes, and allows on-demand upgrading, downgrading, releasing, or switching of its billing method.


  • Public Elastic IP

    Elastic public IP address, can be freely bound and unbound with cloud resources.

  • AnycastEIP

    AnycastEIP utilizes UHost's global BGP to announce its services worldwide. Visitors can access the services through multiple announcement entry points, reducing public network jitter and latency.

  • UFirewall

    An independently configurable software firewall function can be bound to cloud resources to control and manage public network access traffic. It offers simple operation and provides essential security guarantees for cloud resources.

  • IPv6 Conversion Function

    Generate a corresponding IPv6 address for the existing Elastic IP of IPv4, providing the capability to convert IPv6 access traffic into IPv4 traffic. After enabling this feature, there is no need to modify the existing IPv4 network architecture in order to provide IPv6 access externally.


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