Access Control(IAM)

API Index

APIDescription Information
AddUserToGroupAdd members to user group
AttachPoliciesToGroupAssociate IAM Policy with User Group
AttachPoliciesToUserAssociate IAM Policy to User
CreateAccessKeyCreate User Key
CreateGroupCreate User Group
CreateIAMPolicyCreate IAM Policy
CreateProjectCreate Project
CreateUserCreate IAM User
DeleteAccessKeyDelete User Key
DeleteGroupDelete User Group
DeleteIAMPolicyDelete IAM Policy
DeleteProjectDelete Project
DeleteUserDelete User
DetachPoliciesFromGroupRemove IAM policy associated with the user group
DetachPoliciesFromUserRemove IAM policy associated with the user
GetGroupQuery User Group Details
GetIAMPolicyGet Policy Details
GetLoginProfileRetrieve User Login Information
GetUserObtain User Information
ListAccessKeysGet the specified user key list
ListEntitiesForPolicyList entities that reference the permission policy
ListEntitiesForProjectList entities with specified project permissions
ListGroupsList User Groups
ListPoliciesGet IAM Policy List
ListPoliciesForGroupList the permission policies associated with the user group
ListPoliciesForUserList the IAM policies associated with the user
ListProjectsList all projects
ListUsersList User List
ListUsersForGroupList the users included in the user group
ModifyProjectModify Project
RemoveUserFromGroupRemove IAM User from User Group
RemoveUserFromProjectRemove IAM User from Project
UpdateAccessKeyChange User Key Status
UpdateGroupUpdate User Group Information
UpdateIAMPolicyUpdate IAM Policy
UpdateIAMPolicyNameModify Custom Policy Name
UpdateLoginProfileUpdate User Login Information
UpdateUserUpdate User
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