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Signature Algorithm

Signature algorithm

Data assumption

When generating the signature (Signature) in the API request, you need to provide the key in the account, including PublicKey and PrivateKey, The key can be obtained from Console (opens in a new tab).

In this example it is assumed:

PublicKey  = 'someone@example.com1296235120854146120'
PrivateKey = '46f09bb9fab4f12dfc160dae12273d5332b5debe'

💡 You can use the above PublicKey and PrivateKey to debug your code. When you get a consistent signature result (which means your code is correct), you can change it to your own PublicKey and PrivateKey ` and other API requests.

In this example, it is assumed that the user request parameter string is as follows:

    "Action"     :  "DescribeUHostInstance",
    "Region"     :  "cn-bj2",
    "Limit"      :  10,
    "PublicKey"  :  "someone@example.com1296235120854146120"

Generate the SHA1 signature of the signed string, which is the value of the request parameter Signature.

According to the above algorithm, in this example, the calculated Signature is cba5cf5ec4d4233d206b1b54951e3787350a642f.

Construct signature

1. Arrange request parameters in ascending order by name

    "Action"     :  "DescribeUHostInstance",
    "Limit"      :  10,
    "PublicKey"  :  "someone@example.com1296235120854146120",
    "Region"     :  "cn-bj2"

2. Construct the signed parameter string

The construction rules of the signed string are: signed string = concatenation of all request parameters (no HTTP escaping required). And splice the private key of the API key (PrivateKey) at the end of this signature string.



  • For bool types, should be encoded as true/false
  • For floating point number types, if the fractional part is 0, only the integer part should be retained, such as 42.0 should be retained as 42
  • For floating point types, scientific notation cannot be used

3. Calculate signature

Use SHA1 to encode the signed string to generate the final signature.

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