Cloud Disk(UDisk)

API Index

APIDescription Information
AttachUDiskMount UDisk
CloneUDiskClone Cloud Disk
CloneUDiskSnapshotClone Snapshot
CloneUDiskUDataArkCreate UDisk from UDataArk backup
CreateAttachUDiskCreate and Mount Cloud Disk
CreateUDiskCreate UDisk
CreateUDiskSnapshotCreate Snapshot
DeleteUDiskDelete UDisk
DeleteUDiskSnapshotDelete Snapshot
DescribeRecycleUDisk[Deprecated] Retrieve the list of cloud disks in the recycle bin
DescribeUDiskGet Cloud Disk List
DescribeUDiskPriceGet UDisk Price
DescribeUDiskSnapshotGet Snapshot List
DescribeUDiskUpgradePriceGet the price for cloud disk upgrade
DetachDeleteUDiskUninstall and Delete Cloud Disk
DetachUDiskUninstall UDisk
RecoverUDisk[Deprecated] Restore Cloud Disk
RenameUDiskRename Cloud Disk
ResizeUDiskAdjust Cloud Disk
RestoreUDiskRestore data from backup to UDisk
SetUDiskUDataArkModeSet the status of UDisk UDataArk
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