API Index

APIDescription Information
CopyCustomImageCopy Custom Image
CreateCustomImageCreate Custom Image
CreateIsolationGroupCreate Hardware Isolation Group
CreateUHostInstanceCreate UHost
CreateUHostKeyPairCreate Host Key Pair
DeleteIsolationGroupDelete Hardware Isolation Group
DeleteUHostKeyPairsDelete Host Key
DescribeAvailableInstanceTypesObtain information on all machine types available/sold out in a certain region
DescribeImageGet Image List
DescribeIsolationGroupQuery Hardware Isolation Group
DescribeUHostInstanceRetrieve Host Information
DescribeUHostKeyPairsQuery Host Key Information
DescribeUHostTagsGet Host Business Group List
GetAttachedDiskUpgradePriceGet the upgrade price for the mounted disk
GetUHostInstancePriceGet host price
GetUHostInstanceVncInfoGet VNC login information
GetUHostRefundPriceObtain host deletion deduction fee
GetUHostRenewPriceGet host renewal price
GetUHostUpgradePriceGet host specification adjustment difference
ImportCustomImageImport Image
ImportUHostKeyPairsImport the public part of the key pair
LeaveIsolationGroupRemove the host from the hardware isolation group
ModifyUHostIPChange the internal IP address of the cloud host
ModifyUHostInstanceNameChange Hostname
ModifyUHostInstanceRemarkModify Host Remark
ModifyUHostInstanceTagModify Host Business Group
PoweroffUHostInstanceSimulate Host Power Off
RebootUHostInstanceRestart Host
ReinstallUHostInstanceReinstall System
ResetUHostInstancePasswordReset Host Password
ResizeAttachedDiskModify the size of the mounted disk
ResizeUHostInstanceChange host specifications
StartUHostInstanceStart Host
StopUHostInstanceShut Down Host
TerminateCustomImageDelete Custom Image
TerminateUHostInstanceDelete UHost
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