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Operation Process

  • Select Region and Availability Zone
  • Choose Image, CPU, and Memory
  • Configure Network
  • Configure Management Related Items
  • Choose Payment Method and Pay

First, log in and go to the Control Panel page (opens in a new tab), select the UHost product, click on create host, and enter the host configuration information page.

Alt text

1. Select Availability Zone

Alt text

Internal networks between different regions are not interconnected.

2. Select Image, CPU, and Memory

There are two types of configurations: basic and custom. The basic configuration is a pre-packaged combination and standard image, which can quickly complete the basic configuration of the system; the custom configuration supports customizing the machine type, CPU platform, image, CPU, memory, disk, whether to enable network enhancement, enable hot upgrade, etc.

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  1. The default configuration is General Type N, and the current image support is only for standard images provided by SurferCloud. If you have other requirements, please switch to custom configuration.
  2. The recommended configuration currently displays four combinations (1 core 1G, 1 core 2G, 2 cores 4G, 4 cores 8G). If you have other requirements, please switch to custom configuration.

Alt text

  1. You can customize the selection of machine type, CPU, memory, disk type and size.
  2. You can choose whether to enable network enhancement and hot upgrade features. Some images and machine types may not support network enhancement and hot upgrade features. If you want to know more, please read UHost Features.
  3. The CPU platform refers to the microarchitecture version of the CPU of the host machine where the cloud host is located. Each generation of CPU platform mainly upgrades the hardware architecture. If you want to know more, please read CPU Platform.

3. Network Configuration

It is divided into two methods: basic network and custom network. The basic network binds the external elastic IP and firewall policy by default; the custom network includes the associated vpc, subnet, external elastic IP, and firewall. The firewall policy initially displays two types, "Web Recommended" and "Non-Web Recommended". If there are special requirements, a new firewall policy can be created. For detailed operations, please read the Firewall Operation Guide (opens in a new tab)

Alt text

In the basic network mode, the default bandwidth for the public elastic IP is 1Mb. There are two types of firewall policies: "Web Recommended" and "Non-Web Recommended". If the UHost needs to enable http or https services, please choose "Web Recommended". If the above configuration does not meet your needs, please choose a custom network.

Alt text

Bandwidth provides three billing modes: bandwidth billing, traffic billing, and shared bandwidth. If you want to understand the billing prices in detail, please read Bandwidth Billing.

4. Administrator Settings

The initially established login username is the default value, which varies depending on the choice of image type and cannot be changed. Set the password, host name, whether to join the business group, whether to enable the hardware isolation group, etc. in order. The password can be designed according to requirements, or it can be randomly generated by the system. The isolation group is the logical grouping of the cloud host. If you want to understand in detail, please read Hardware Isolation Group.

Alt text

5. Select Payment Method and Make Payment

The system default payment method is monthly payment, and the default time is to purchase until the end of the month. The system also supports monthly payment, annual payment, and hourly payment.
All three methods are prepaid, and the system will deduct the cost of the next stage in advance. Click on [Buy Now], complete the payment, and return to the control panel page, where you can see the information of the newly purchased uhost in the list.

Alt text

Select the payment method: "Monthly" ——> "Purchase until the end of the month" means that the order is paid until the end of the current month, and the next order starts calculating from 0:00 on the 1st of the next month. If you need to understand detailed billing information, please read Billing Explanation.

Connecting to UHost

The methods to connect to UHost are divided into console login and third-party client login. When logging in with third-party client software (such as: xshell, PuTTY, SecureCRT, etc.), the corresponding firewall port and external IP need to be opened.

1. Console Login

Click on the [Login] button on the page, enter the username and password set when purchasing, and you can log in on the web page.

Alt text

Alt text

When the status of the cloud host changes from 'initialization' to 'running', it means that the initialization is complete.

2. Third-party Client Login

If the image configured for the cloud host is a Linux environment, you can connect and log in through tools like SecureCRT/XShell, as shown below.

Alt text

The login interface of the UHost will vary depending on the system image selected, but the login steps remain the same.

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