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Secure and flexible cloud-based private network

Product Introduction

Private Network VPC

Private Network VPC is a dedicated network space that belongs to the user and is isolated from public cloud resources. VPCs are logically isolated from each other and are not affected by other users during use.

Product Advantages

  • Custom Network Segment

    Three types of network segments can be freely combined, VPC segments and subnets can be added or removed at any time.

  • Fully Functional Features

    Gateway NAT, custom route tables, network ACLs, private virtual IPs, and virtual network cards allow users to freely configure and set rules based on their needs.

  • Cross-Availability Zone Subnets

    Subnets can span across any availability zone within a region, enabling cross-zone disaster recovery.

  • High Scalability

    High-speed tunnels (UDPN) can connect VPCs across regions, ensuring stable internal network transmission. When combined with dedicated connections, this setup enables single-point access and global interconnection within a hybrid cloud architecture.

Application Scenarios

  • Scalable Cloud Network

    Customers can increase or decrease the network segment of VPC according to their needs, and achieve network connectivity with VPCs in the same region, VPCs across regions, and on-premises data centers. There is no charge for network traffic between VPCs in the same region, and connectivity between VPCs across regions can be achieved through UDPN and VPN. With the support of hybrid cloud dedicated connections, customers can build a hybrid cloud architecture with their on-premises data centers.


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