Billing Management(UBill)

Get Billing Overview - ListUBillOverview


Bill Overview. You can obtain an overview of the bill for a certain billing period based on product/project/user dimensions.

💡 The monthly bill overview generally has a one-day delay


Public Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
ActionstringCorresponding API command name, the current API is ListUBillOverview.Yes
PublicKeystringThe user's public key can be obtained from Console (opens in a new tab)Yes
SignaturestringUser signature generated based on public key and API command, see Signature AlgorithmYes

Request Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
BillingCyclestringBilling period, in the format of YYYY-MM, for example, 2022-02, only supports queries after 2018-05.Yes
DimensionstringBilling dimensions, product aggregated by product, project aggregated by project, user aggregated by sub-accountYes
HideUnpaidintWhether to display the billed invoices, 1 for billed, 0 for pending (default 0)No

Response Field

Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
RetCodeintReturn status code. If it is 0, it means successful return. If it is not 0, it means failure.Yes
ActionstringOperation command name.Yes
MessagestringReturns an error message, providing detailed description when RetCode is non-zero.No
TotalCountintTotal Number of Billing Overview DataYes
TotalPaidAmountstringTotal Amount of Orders Accounted (Displayed when Accounted)No
TotalPaidAmountRealstringTotal Amount Deducted from Cash Account (Displayed when Credited)No
TotalUnpaidAmountstringTotal amount of pending orders (displayed when pending)No
Itemsarray[BillOverviewItem]Bill Aggregation DataYes

Data Model


Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
DimensionstringBilling Dimension, product aggregated by product dimension, project aggregated by project dimension, user aggregated by sub-account dimensionYes
AmountstringTotal Order AmountYes
AmountCouponstringVoucher Deduction (Displayed when credited)No
AmountFreestringDeductible gifted amount (displayed when credited)No
AmountRealstringCash Account Payment (Displayed when credited)No
ProductCategorystringProduct Category (Displayed when filtering by product in bill dimension)No
ResourceTypestringProduct Type (Displayed when filtering by product in the billing dimension)No
ResourceTypeCodeintProduct Type Code (displayed when filtering by product in billing dimension)No
ProjectNamestringProject Name (Displayed when filtering by project in billing dimension)No
UserEmailstringAccount Email (Displayed when filtering by sub-account in billing dimension)No
UserNamestringAccount Name (Displayed when filtering by sub-account in bill dimension)No
UserDisplayNamestringAccount Nickname (displayed when filtering by sub-account in billing dimension)No
AdminintIs this account the main account? 1 for main account, 0 for sub-account (displayed when filtering by sub-account in billing dimension).No


Request Example

Response Example

  "Action": "ListUBillOverviewResponse",
  "Items": [
      "Amount": "401.76",
      "Dimension": "product",
      "ProductCategory": "storage",
      "ResourceType": "ufs",
      "ResourceTypeCode": 112
      "Amount": "133.92",
      "Dimension": "product",
      "ProductCategory": "compute",
      "ResourceType": "USNAPSHOT",
      "ResourceTypeCode": 283
  "RetCode": 0,
  "TotalCount": 2,
  "TotalUnpaidAmount": "535.68"
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