Load Balance(ULB)

API Index

APIDescription Information
CreateLoadBalancerCreate Application Load Balancer Instance
CreateListenerCreate Application Load Balancer Listener
AddTargetsAdd backend service nodes for application load balancing
CreateRuleCreate forwarding rules for application load balancer
DeleteLoadBalancerDelete Application Load Balancer Instance
DeleteListenerDelete Application Load Balancer Listener
RemoveTargetsDelete the backend service nodes of the application load balancer
DeleteRuleDelete forwarding rules of application load balancer
UpdateLoadBalancerAttributeUpdate the properties of the application type load balancing instance
UpdateListenerAttributeUpdate Application Load Balancer Listener Properties
UpdateTargetsAttributeUpdate the backend service node attributes of the application type load balancer
UpdateRuleAttributeUpdate the forwarding rule properties of the application load balancer
DescribeLoadBalancersDescribe Application Load Balancer Instance
DescribeListenersDescribe Application Load Balancer Listener
DescribeRulesDescribe the forwarding rules of application load balancing

APIDescription Information
CreateULBCreate Traditional Load Balancer ULB
CreateVServerCreate CLB's VServer
BindSSLTraditional Load Balancer Binding SSL Certificate
AllocateBackendAdd backend instances for traditional load balancing
CreatePolicyCreating content forwarding strategy for traditional load balancing
DeleteULBDelete Traditional Load Balancer
DeleteVServerDelete CLB's VServer
ReleaseBackendRelease the backend instances of the traditional load balancer
UnbindSSLUnbind SSL Certificate from Traditional Load Balancer
DeletePolicyDelete the content forwarding strategy of traditional load balancing
UpdateULBAttributeUpdate Traditional Load Balancer Properties
UpdateVServerAttributeUpdate Traditional Load Balancer VServer Properties
UpdateBackendAttributeUpdate the backend instance properties of the traditional load balancer
UpdateBackendBatchBatch Update Backend Instance Properties
UpdatePolicyUpdate traditional load balancing content forwarding rules
DescribeULBGet traditional load balancing information
DescribeULBSimpleGet traditional load balancing information
DescribeVServerGet VServer information under CLB
DescribeSSLObtain SSL Certificate Information
DescribeSecurityPoliciesObtain information on security policy

APIDescription Information
CreateSSLCreate SSL Certificate
DeleteSSLDelete SSL Certificate
UpdateSSLAttributeUpdate SSL Properties
UpdateSSLBindingChange Certificate Binding Relationship
DescribeSSLV2Obtain SSL Certificate Information
DescribeSupportCiphersDescribe supported encryption suites
UpdateSecurityPolicyUpdate Security Policy
CreateSecurityPolicyCreate Security Policy
DeleteSecurityPolicyDelete Security Policy
UnBindSecurityPolicyUnbind Security Policy
DescribeSecurityPoliciesV2Obtain information on security policy
AddSSLBindingAdd listener binding certificate
DeleteSSLBindingDelete the sni certificate bound to the listener
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