Load Balance(ULB)

Get VServer information under CLB - DescribeVServer


Get detailed information of VServer under CLB

ℹ️ VServerId corresponds to the VServerId returned by CreateVServer or the VServerId in ULBVServerSet returned by DescribeULB, which is the Id of the traditional load balancer listener.


Public Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
ActionstringCorresponding API command name, the current API is DescribeVServer.Yes
PublicKeystringThe user's public key can be obtained from Console (opens in a new tab)Yes
SignaturestringUser signature generated based on public key and API command, see Signature AlgorithmYes

Request Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
RegionstringRegion. See List of Regions and Availability ZonesYes
ProjectIdstringProject ID. If not filled in, the default project is used, sub-accounts must be filled in. Please refer to the GetProjectList interface.Yes
ULBIdstringId of the traditional load balancing instanceNo
VServerIdstringThe Id of the VServer instance under CLB; if specified, the information of the specified VServer instance will be returned; if not specified, the information of all VServers under the current traditional load balancing instance will be returned.No
LimitintData Pagination ValueNo
OffsetintData OffsetNo

Response Field

Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
RetCodeintReturn status code. If it is 0, it means successful return. If it is not 0, it means failure.Yes
ActionstringOperation command name.Yes
MessagestringReturns an error message, providing detailed description when RetCode is non-zero.No
TotalCountintTotal number of qualified VServersNo
DataSetarray[ULBVServerSet]VServer List, see ULBVServerSet for each parameter detail.No

Data Model


Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
MonitorTypestringHealth check type, enumeration values: Port -> Port check; Path -> Path check; Ping -> Ping detection, Customize -> UDP check

The default value for request proxy type is Port, where TCP protocol only supports Port, other protocols support Port and Path; Message forwarding type TCP protocol only supports Port, UDP protocol supports Ping, Port and Customize.
PersistenceTypestringVServer session persistence method. Enumerated values are: None -> Turn off session persistence; ServerInsert -> Auto-generated; UserDefined -> User-defined.Yes
ULBIdstringId of the Load Balancing InstanceNo
DomainstringConfirm according to MonitorType; When MonitorType is Port, this field is meaningless. When MonitorType is Path, it represents the HTTP check domain.No
PathstringConfirm according to MonitorType; When MonitorType is Port, this field is meaningless. When MonitorType is Path, it represents the HTTP check path.No
RequestMsgstringConfirm according to MonitorType; When MonitorType is Customize, this field is meaningful, representing the request message sent by UDP check.No
ResponseMsgstringConfirm according to MonitorType; When MonitorType is Customize, this field is meaningful, representing the response message that the UDP check request should receive.No
VServerIdstringId of the VServer instanceNo
VServerNamestringName of the VServer instanceNo
ProtocolstringThe protocol of the VServer instance. Enumeration values are: HTTP, TCP, UDP, HTTPS.No
FrontendPortintVServer Service PortNo
MethodstringThe mode of VServer load balancing, enumeration values: Roundrobin -> Round Robin; Source -> Source Address; ConsistentHash -> Consistent Hashing; SourcePort -> Source Address (Compute Port); ConsistentHashPort -> Consistent Hashing (Compute Port).No
PersistenceInfostringDetermined by PersistenceType: None or ServerInsert, this field is empty; UserDefined, this field displays the user-defined session string.No
ClientTimeoutintIdle connection recovery time, unit: seconds.No
StatusintThe running status of VServer. Enumeration values: 0 -> all rs running normally; 1 -> all rs running abnormally; 2 -> some rs running abnormally.No
SSLSetarray[ULBSSLSet]The SSL certificate information bound to VServer, see ULBSSLSet for specific structure.No
BackendSetarray[ULBBackendSet]Backend resource information list, see ULBBackendSet structure below.No
ListenTypestringListener type, enumeration values are: RequestProxy -> Request Proxy; PacketsTransmit -> Packet ForwardingNo
PolicySetarray[ULBPolicySet]Content forwarding information list, see ULBPolicySet for specific structure.No
EnableCompressionintData compression switch, 0: Off 1: OnNo
SecurityPolicyBindSecurityPolicySecurity policy bound to VServer, see BindSecurityPolicy for specific structure.No
ForwardPortintRedirect port, value range [0-65535]; the default value is 0, representing closure; only the HTTP protocol supports the opening of the redirect function.No
EnableHTTP2int0: Off 1: On, used to enable the http2 feature; the default value is 0No


Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
SSLIdstringId of SSL CertificateNo
SSLNamestringName of the SSL CertificateNo
SSLTypestringSSL Certificate type, currently only Pem type is availableNo
SSLContentstringContent of the SSL CertificateNo
CreateTimeintCreation time of the SSL certificateNo
HashValuestringHASH value of SSL certificateNo
BindedTargetSetarray[SSLBindedTargetSet]Object bound to the SSL certificateNo
SSLSourceintSource of SSL Certificate, Source of SSL Certificate, 0 represents the certificate is from the ULB platform, 1 represents the certificate is from the USSL platform.No
USSLIdstringThe ID of the USSL Certificate Platform, only appears when SSLSource is 1.No
DomainsstringDomain name of the SSL Certificate platform, when there are multiple domain names, extended domain names are not displayed.No
NotBeforeintCertificate Issuance TimeNo
NotAfterintCertificate Expiration TimeNo


Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
BackendIdstringId of the backend resource instanceNo
ResourceTypestringType of Resource InstanceNo
ResourceIdstringResource ID of the resource instanceNo
ResourceNamestringResource name of the resource instanceNo
SubResourceTypestringThe type of virtual network card instance bound to the resourceNo
SubResourceIdstringResource Id of the virtual network card instance bound to the resourceNo
SubResourceNamestringThe name of the resource instance of the virtual network card bound to the resourceNo
PrivateIPstringIntranet IP of the backend serviceNo
PortintPort for backend service provisionNo
EnabledintWhether the instance providing backend services is enabled or not, enumeration values: 0 for disabled, 1 for enabled.No
StatusintThe running status of the instance providing backend services, enumeration values: 0 Health check healthy status 1 Health check abnormalNo
SubnetIdstringThe ID of the subnet where the resources providing backend services are locatedNo
IsBackupintWhether it is a backup, this field will only exist when the Backup attribute of vserver is 1, explanation:

0: Main rs
1: Backup rs
WeightintBackend RS Weight (Effective under Weighted Round Robin Algorithm)No
VPCIdstringThe VPC where the backend server is locatedNo


Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
DomainMatchModestringThe matching method of the domain name in the content forwarding rules. Enumerated values: Regular, regular expression; Wildcard, wildcard domain.No
PolicyIdstringContent forwarding Id, empty by default under the content forwarding type.No
PolicyTypestringContent Type, enumeration values: Custom -> Customer Defined; Default -> Default Content ForwardingNo
TypestringThe type of content forwarding matching field, enumeration value: Domain -> domain; Path -> path; The default content forwarding type is empty.No
MatchstringContent forwarding matching field; empty under the default content forwarding type.No
PolicyPriorityintContent forwarding priority, range [1,9999], the larger the number, the higher the priority. The default content forwarding rule is 0.No
VServerIdstringBelonging VServerIdNo
TotalCountintReturns the total number of rs under the default content forwarding typeNo
BackendSetarray[PolicyBackendSet]Detailed information about rs under content forwarding, refer to PolicyBackendSetNo


Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
SecurityPolicyIdstringSecurity Policy Group IDNo
SecurityPolicyNamestringSecurity Policy Group NameNo
TLSVersionstringMinimum TLS VersionNo
SSLCiphersarray[string]Encryption SuiteNo
SecurityPolicyTypeintSecurity policy type 0: Predefined 1: CustomNo


Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
BackendIdstringThe object ID of the added backend resource in ULB, (used in the ULB system, unrelated to the resource's own ID)No
ResourceTypestringThe type of backend resources added, enumeration values: UHost -> Cloud Host; UPM -> Physical Cloud Host; UDHost -> Private Zone Host; UDocker -> Container; UHybrid->Hybrid Cloud Host; CUBE->Cube; UNI -> Virtual Network Card.No
ResourceNamestringInstance name of backend resourcesNo
SubResourceIdstringIf the resource is bound to an elastic network card, display the resource ID of the elastic network card.No
SubResourceNamestringIf the resource is bound to an elastic network card, display the resource name of the elastic network card.No
SubResourceTypestring"UNI" or emptyNo
ObjectIdstringObject ID of backend resourcesNo
PortintThe backend resource service port addedNo
PrivateIPstringIntranet IP of Backend ResourcesNo


Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
VServerIdstringResource ID of the VServer to which the SSL certificate is boundNo
VServerNamestringThe name of the corresponding VServerNo
ULBIdstringThe resource ID of the ULB instance to which the VServer belongsNo
ULBNamestringName of the ULB instanceNo


Request Example

Response Example

  "Action": "DescribeVServerResponse",
  "DataSet": [
      "BackendSet": [
          "BackendId": "backend-XXX",
          "Enabled": 1,
          "Port": 80,
          "PrivateIP": "10.25.XX.17",
          "ResourceId": "uhost-XXXX",
          "ResourceName": "test",
          "ResourceType": "UHost",
          "Status": 0,
          "SubnetId": "subnet-XXXXX"
      "ClientTimeout": 60,
      "CreateTime": 1529909432,
      "Domain": "",
      "EnableCompression": 1,
      "EnableHTTP2": 1,
      "ForwardPort": 4,
      "FrontendPort": 80,
      "ListenType": "RequestProxy",
      "Method": "Roundrobin",
      "MetricIdSet": [
          "MetricId": "69538bf3-00bc-4385-85cc-XXXX",
          "Type": "OuterMode"
      "MonitorType": "Port",
      "Path": "",
      "PersistenceInfo": "",
      "PersistenceType": "None",
      "PolicySet": [
          "BackendSet": [
              "BackendId": "backend-XXXXX",
              "ObjectId": "b47f082b-684f-4d5c-8dc4-XXXX",
              "Port": 80,
              "PrivateIP": "10.25.XX.17",
              "ResourceName": "test"
          "Match": "",
          "PolicyId": "",
          "PolicyPriority": 0,
          "PolicyType": "Default",
          "TotalCount": 1,
          "Type": "",
          "VServerId": "vserver-XXXXX"
      "Protocol": "HTTP",
      "SSLSet": [],
      "SecurityPolicy": {},
      "Status": 0,
      "ULBId": "ulb-XXX",
      "VServerId": "vserver-XXX",
      "VServerName": "VServer"
  "RetCode": 0,
  "TotalCount": 1
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