Cloud Monitor(UMon)

Get resource support monitoring metric information - DescribeResourceMetric


Get resource support monitoring metric information


Public Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
ActionstringCorresponding API command name, the current API is DescribeResourceMetric.Yes
PublicKeystringThe user's public key can be obtained from Console (opens in a new tab)Yes
SignaturestringUser signature generated based on public key and API command, see Signature AlgorithmYes

Request Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
ResourceTypestringResource Type supports the following types:
dbaudit: Database Audit;
docker: Container Service;
docker_node: Container Service Node;
eip: Elastic IP;
fortress: Bastion Host;
hybridcloud_lan: UHybrid Local Area Network;
hybridcloud_port: UHybrid Switch Port;
hybridcloud_port_sum: UHybrid Public Network Total Export;
mq: Message Queue;
natgw: NAT Gateway;
phost: Physical Cloud Host;
sharebandwidth: Shared Bandwidth;
uaiservice: AI Online Service;
ucdn: UCDN;
udb: UDB;
uddb: Distributed Database;
uddbac: UDDB Analysis Node;
uddbmd: Distributed Database Middleware;
uddbnode: Distributed Database Node;
udisk: UDisk;
udisk_rssd: RSSD UDisk;
udisk_ssd: SSD UDisk (Data Disk);
udisk_sys: Common UDisk (System Disk);
udpn: UDPN;
udset: UDSet Resource Pool;
udset_uhost: Resource Pool Host;
udw: UDW;
udw_node: UDW Node;
ues: ES Service;
ues_node: Elasticsearch Service Node;
ufile: US3;
ufs: UFS;
ugaa: Global Dynamic Acceleration;
ugc: General Computing;
uhadoop: UHadoop Cluster;
uhadoop_host: Managed Hadoop Cluster;
uhost: UHost;
ukafka: UKafka;
ukafka_host: Distributed Message Node;
ukv: Capacity KV Storage;
ulb: ULB;
ulb-server: Real Service Node;
ulb-vserver: Virtual Service Node;
umem: UMem;
umemcache: Standalone Memcache;
upath: Acceleration Line;
uredis: UMem;
utsdb: Time Series Database;
vpntunnel: VPN Tunnel;
vserver: Virtual Service Node;

For monitoring items supported by each product, please check: (opens in a new tab)

Response Field

Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
RetCodeintReturn status code. If it is 0, it means successful return. If it is not 0, it means failure.Yes
ActionstringOperation command name.Yes
MessagestringReturns an error message, providing detailed description when RetCode is non-zero.No
DataSetarray[DescribeResourceMetricResponse]Metric Information CollectionYes

Data Model


Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
bit Byte Kb KB Mb MB Gb GB Tb TB Pb PB Eb EB iops bps Bps Kbps KBps Mbps MBps Gbps GBps Tbps TBps pcs pcs/s times times/s thousand times/s ten thousand times/s % s ms us bool ‱ pcs/min pcs/core pcs/10s bytes/10s MB/s dbm min
ConversionFactorintReserved FieldYes
TypestringMetric Type (temporarily meaningless)Yes
MetricGroupstringMonitoring Metrics GroupYes
SupportAlarmstringSupports alert: Yes|NoYes
AlarmRangeobjectValid range for setting alarm thresholdsYes
FrequencyintAlarm FrequencyYes
MetricIdintMonitoring Item IDYes
CompareOptionarray[string]Comparison Method: GE Greater than or Equal to | LE Less than or Equal toYes
MetricNamestringMetric NameNo


Request Example

Response Example

  "Action": "DescribeResourceMetricResponse",
  "DataSet": [
      "AlarmRange": {
        "max": 100,
        "min": 50
      "CompareOption": [
      "ConversionFactor": 0,
      "Frequency": 60,
      "MetricGroup": "",
      "MetricId": 8000,
      "MetricName": "CPUUtilization",
      "SupportAlarm": "Yes",
      "Type": "Number",
      "Unit": "%"
  "RetCode": 0
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