Basic Network(UNet)

Bind Elastic IP - BindEIP


Bind the unused Elastic IP to the specified resource


Public Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
ActionstringCorresponding API command name, the current API is BindEIP.Yes
PublicKeystringThe user's public key can be obtained from Console (opens in a new tab)Yes
SignaturestringUser signature generated based on public key and API command, see Signature AlgorithmYes

Request Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
ProjectIdstringProject ID. If not filled in, the default project is used, sub-accounts must be filled in.No
EIPIdstringElastic IP's Resource IdYes
ResourceTypestringElastic IP request for binding resource type, enumeration values are: uhost: UHost; ulb, ULB; upm: Physical machine; hadoophost: Big data cluster; fortresshost: Fortress machine; udockhost: Container; udhost: UDSet host; natgw: natgw; udb: UDB; vpngw: ipsec vpn; ucdr: Cloud disaster recovery; dbaudit: Database audit; uni: Virtual network card; cube, Cube container. If the EIP is billed for ordinary bandwidth and the bandwidth value is higher than 2G, it is only allowed to bind to the high-performance UHost and ULB.Yes
ResourceIdstringResource ID requested for Elastic IP bindingYes
PrivateIPstringWhen binding EIP with an internal IP, you need to input an internal IP that has not been bound with EIP under UNI.No

Response Field

Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
RetCodeintReturn status code. If it is 0, it means successful return. If it is not 0, it means failure.Yes
ActionstringOperation command name.Yes
MessagestringReturns an error message, providing detailed description when RetCode is non-zero.No


Request Example

	"Action": "BindEIP",
        "top_organization_id": 11111111 ,
        "organization_id": 11111111

Response Example

  "Action": "BindEIPResponse",
  "Request_uuid": "1b52baa6-01ea-4cba-a6f9-XXXXXXXX",
  "RetCode": 0
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