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Get Elastic IP Price - GetEIPPrice


Get Elastic IP Price


Public Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
ActionstringCorresponding API command name, the current API is GetEIPPrice.Yes
PublicKeystringThe user's public key can be obtained from Console (opens in a new tab)Yes
SignaturestringUser signature generated based on public key and API command, see Signature AlgorithmYes

Request Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
RegionstringRegion. See List of Regions and Availability ZonesYes
ProjectIdstringProject ID. If not filled in, the default project is used, and the sub-account must be filled in. Please refer to the GetProjectList interface.No
OperatorNamestringThe routes for Elastic IP are as follows: International: International BGP: Bgp. The allowed route parameters for each region are as follows: cn-sh1: Bgp cn-sh2: Bgp cn-gd: Bgp cn-bj1: Bgp cn-bj2: Bgp hk: International us-ca: International th-bkk: International kr-seoul: International us-ws: International ge-fra: International sg: International tw-kh: International. All other overseas routes are International, Quanzhou is a single mobile line cn-qz: ChinaMobile.Yes
BandwidthintThe bandwidth of the Elastic IP for the public network, measured in Mbps, ranges from [0-800].Yes
ChargeTypestringPayment method, enumerated values are: Year, pay yearly; Month, pay monthly; Dynamic, pay hourly; Default is to get prices for all three methods.No
PayModestringElastic IP Billing Method r. Enumeration values are: Traffic, traffic billing; Bandwidth, bandwidth billing; "ShareBandwidth", shared bandwidth mode. The default is Bandwidth.No
QuantityintPurchase duration. Default: 1. This parameter is not required when purchasing hourly (Dynamic). When paying monthly, pass this parameter as 0, which represents purchase until the end of the month.No

Response Field

Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
RetCodeintReturn status code. If it is 0, it means successful return. If it is not 0, it means failure.Yes
ActionstringOperation command name.Yes
MessagestringReturns an error message, providing detailed description when RetCode is non-zero.No
PriceSetarray[EIPPriceDetailSet]Elastic IP Price Details See EIPPriceDetailSetNo

Data Model


Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
ChargeTypestringElastic IP Payment MethodNo
PricefloatActual price for purchasing Elastic IP, unit "yuan"No
OriginalPricefloatOriginal price of Elastic IP, unit "Yuan"No
PurchaseValueintResource Validity, represented by Unix TimestampNo


Request Example

Response Example

  "Action": "GetEIPPriceResponse",
  "PriceSet": [
      "ChargeType": "Dynamic",
      "Price": 0.1,
      "PurchaseValue": 1529900854
      "ChargeType": "Month",
      "Price": 50,
      "PurchaseValue": 1532489254
      "ChargeType": "Year",
      "Price": 500,
      "PurchaseValue": 1561433254
  "Request_uuid": "b2f6d562-4a22-428b-b88c-XXXXXX",
  "RetCode": 0
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