Private Network(UVPC)

Obtain detailed routing table information (including routing policies) - DescribeRouteTable


Obtain detailed routing table information (including routing policies)


Public Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
ActionstringCorresponding API command name, the current API is DescribeRouteTable.Yes
PublicKeystringThe user's public key can be obtained from Console (opens in a new tab)Yes
SignaturestringUser signature generated based on public key and API command, see Signature AlgorithmYes

Request Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
RegionstringRegion. See List of Regions and Availability ZonesYes
ProjectIdstringProject ID. If not filled in, the default project is used, sub-accounts must be filled in. Please refer to the GetProjectList interface.No
VPCIdstringResource ID of the associated VPCNo
RouteTableIdstringRouting Table Resource IDNo
OffSetintData offset. Default is 0No
LimitintData pagination value. Default is 20No
BusinessIdstringBusiness Group IDNo
BriefbooleanDefaults to false, returns detailed routing rule informationNo
LongIdstringThe default is false, indicating that the routing table is a short ID.No

Response Field

Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
RetCodeintReturn status code. If it is 0, it means successful return. If it is not 0, it means failure.Yes
ActionstringOperation command name.Yes
MessagestringReturns an error message, providing detailed description when RetCode is non-zero.No
RouteTablesarray[RouteTableInfo]Routing Table InformationNo
TotalCountintThe number of RouteTables fieldsNo

Data Model


Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
RouteTableIdstringRouting Table Resource IDNo
RouteTableTypeintType of routing table. 1 is the default routing table, 0 is the custom routing table.No
SubnetCountintThe number of subnets bound to this routing tableNo
SubnetIdsarray[string]Subnets bound to this route tableNo
VPCIdstringThe Resource ID of the VPC to which the routing table belongsNo
VPCNamestringThe name of the VPC resource to which the routing table belongsNo
TagstringRouting Table Business GroupNo
RemarkstringRouting Table RemarksNo
CreateTimeintCreate TimestampNo
RouteRulesarray[RouteRuleInfo]Routing RulesNo


Field NameTypeDescription InformationRequired
AccountIdintProject ID InformationNo
DstAddrstringDestination AddressNo
DstPortintReserved field, not in use yetNo
NexthopIdstringNext Hop Resource IDNo
NexthopTypestringNext hop type of the routing table. LOCAL, routing for internal communication within this VPC; PUBLIC, routing for public services; CNAT, routing for the internet; UDPN, routing for cross-domain high-speed channel; HYBRIDGW, routing for hybrid cloud; INSTANCE, routing for instances; VNET, routing for VPC interconnection; IPSEC VPN, routing towards VPN gateway.No
InstanceTypestringInstance type, enumeration values: UHOST, Cloud Host; UNI, Virtual Network Interface; PHOST, Physical Cloud Host.No
OriginAddrstringReserved field, not in use yetNo
PriorityintReserved field, not in use yetNo
RemarkstringRouting Rule RemarksNo
RouteRuleIdstringRule IDNo
RouteTableIdstringRouting Table Resource IDNo
RuleTypeintRouting rule type. 0, system routing rule; 1, custom routing rule.No
SrcAddrstringReserved field, not in use yetNo
SrcPortintReserved field, not in use yetNo
VNetIdstringBelonging to VPCNo


Request Example

Response Example

  "Action": "DescribeRouteTableResponse",
  "RetCode": 0,
  "SubnetIds": [
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