Basic Network(UNet)

API Index

APIDescription Information
AllocateEIPApply for Elastic IP
AllocateShareBandwidthEnable Shared Bandwidth
AssociateEIPWithShareBandwidthAdd EIP to Shared Bandwidth
BindEIPBind Elastic IP
CreateBandwidthPackageCreate Bandwidth Package
CreateFirewallCreate Firewall
DeleteBandwidthPackageDelete Bandwidth Package
DeleteFirewallDelete Firewall
DescribeBandwidthPackageGet Bandwidth Package Information
DescribeBandwidthUsageGet Bandwidth Usage
DescribeEIPObtain Elastic IP Information
DescribeFirewallObtain Firewall Information
DescribeFirewallResourceGet Firewall Bound Resources
DescribeShareBandwidthGet shared bandwidth information
DescribeShareBandwidthPriceGet Shared Bandwidth Price
DescribeShareBandwidthUpdatePriceGet the upgrade price for shared bandwidth
DisassociateEIPWithShareBandwidthRemove EIP from Shared Bandwidth
DisassociateFirewallUnbind Firewall
GetEIPExclusiveUTPInfoObtain EIP Exclusive Traffic Package Information
GetEIPPayModeGet Elastic IP Billing Method
GetEIPPriceGet Elastic IP Price
GetEIPUpgradePriceGet Elastic IP Bandwidth Change Price
GetThroughputDailyBillingInfoRetrieve daily traffic billing information for EIP
ModifyEIPBandwidthAdjust Elastic IP Bandwidth
ModifyEIPWeightModify Elastic IP Exit Weight
ReleaseEIPRelease Elastic IP
ReleaseShareBandwidthClose Shared Bandwidth
ResizeShareBandwidthAdjust Shared Bandwidth
SetEIPPayModeSet Elastic IP Billing Method
UnBindEIPUnbind Elastic IP
UpdateEIPAttributeUpdate Elastic IP Properties
UpdateFirewallUpdate Firewall Rules
UpdateFirewallAttributeUpdate Firewall Properties
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