Order Management

Order Rules

Order Types

You can view all your orders on the order management page, common types are as follows:

  • New Purchase: The order generated when resources are purchased for the first time
  • Renewal: The order generated when prepaid lease resources are renewed
  • Upgrade: The order for resource configuration upgrades
  • Downgrade: The order for resource configuration downgrades
  • Settlement: The order generated when the usage period of resources changes
  • Supplement: Manually modified orders after finding order errors or resource changes
  • Deletion: The arrears or refund orders generated when resources are deleted
  • Expiration: The order generated daily after prepaid lease resources expire
  • Postpaid: The settlement order at the end of each payment cycle for postpaid resources
  • Deletion Recovery: The order generated after resources are recovered after deletion

Order Status

Based on the payment status of the order, orders can be divided into arrears orders, completed orders, and cancelled orders

Arrears Orders

Arrears orders include three types of orders, with their respective deduction/payment rules as follows:

1. Overdue Arrears Orders

  • Definition: Orders generated after resources paid annually, monthly, or hourly are overdue
  • Account types available for renewal: Cash account, gift amount account, and voucher
  • Deduction/Payment: No payment required for the new version (launched on 2020.1.1), the order will be automatically revoked by the system after renewal or resource deletion
  • Automatic renewal time: Attempt to renew every 10min within 24 hours of expiration, attempt to renew at a unified time every night after 24 hours of expiration

2. Postpaid Arrears Orders

  • Definition: For resources billed by volume such as EIP traffic, CDN bandwidth, UFile, etc., settle the usage of the previous billing cycle at the beginning of each billing cycle and generate postpaid arrears orders
  • Account types available for payment: Cash account, voucher, system deduction available gift amount at the time, if the deduction fails, the subsequent gift amount cannot be used to pay arrears orders
  • Deduction/Payment: When the available balance is sufficient, the system will automatically deduct the fee. For arrears orders generated due to insufficient balance deduction failure, the system will automatically pay when the account balance is sufficient again
  • Deduction time: Deduct the previous day's order at a unified time every night

Completed Orders

All paid orders

Cancelled Orders

Orders generated by the system automatically refunding due to insufficient resource inventory after payment

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