Related cases

Related cases

Case 1 Misoperation causes file system exception

In December 2017, an AI start-up company encountered a major crisis. When its operation and maintenance personnel were expanding the capacity of a cloud hard drive that stored important data, they performed illegal operations, causing a file system failure on the hard drive and making the data inaccessible.

The disk in question had multiple partitions. The company lacked experience in file system repair for multi-partition disks and did not dare to repair it rashly, fearing that it would cause further damage to the data. Fortunately, the company used the Data Ark service to protect the disks storing important data and immediately restored them. It only took less than half an hour to retrieve all the data.

Case 2: Quick data recovery

In May 2017, the "Eternal Blue" virus broke out. A large number of Windows hosts around the world were invaded. Important corporate files were encrypted and forced to pay a high ransom to decrypt and recover the files. A cloud server of a printing company was also attacked by a virus, and customers' printing files were encrypted.

Prior to this, the printing company had conducted in-depth cooperation with Surfercloud and chose to use Data Ark to provide real-time and continuous protection of customer data. After confirming the time point of data pollution, the company restored the data to the time point before data pollution through the console, ensuring the integrity of customer data to the greatest extent.

Case 3 Database table accidentally deleted

In April 2018, a R&D engineer of an Internet company accidentally deleted the data table of the production environment while performing database operations. Due to the long database backup cycle, a large amount of data will be lost if the database is restored directly. There is also a lack of drills on using backup to restore data. , I directly tried to use the Data Ark service to roll back to the time point before deletion, and the data was recovered in less than ten minutes.

Traditional database recovery methods rely on backup. If the backup is missing or damaged, even if you turn to a professional database recovery company, there is no guarantee that all data will be recovered. In 2017, Gitlab caused long-term service interruption and data loss of up to 6 hours due to accidentally deleting data. In comparison, Data Ark minimizes the impact of accidentally deleting data.

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