Private Network(UVPC)

API Index

APIDescription Information
AddSnatRuleAdd outbound rules (SNAT rules)
AddVPCNetworkAdd VPC Subnet
AddWhiteListResourceAdd NAT Gateway Whitelist
AllocateBatchSecondaryIpBatch Application for Auxiliary IP of Virtual Network Card
AllocateSecondaryIpAssign IP
AllocateVIPApply for Private Network Virtual IP
AssociateRouteTableBinding Subnet's Routing Table
AttachNetworkInterfaceBind network card to UHost
CloneRouteTableClone Routing Table
CreateNATGWCreate NAT Gateway
CreateNATGWPolicyAdd NAT Gateway Port Forwarding Rule
CreateNetworkAclCreate Network ACL
CreateNetworkAclAssociationCreate ACL binding relationship
CreateNetworkAclEntryCreate ACL Rules
CreateNetworkInterfaceCreate Virtual Network Card
CreateRouteTableCreate Route Table
CreateSnatDnatRuleCreate internal and external IP mapping using NAT
CreateSubnetCreate Subnet
CreateVPCCreate VPC
CreateVPCIntercomCreate New VPC Intercommunication
DeleteNATGWDelete NAT Gateway
DeleteNATGWPolicyDelete NAT Gateway Port Forwarding Rule
DeleteNetworkAclDelete Network ACL
DeleteNetworkAclAssociationDelete Network ACL Binding Relationship
DeleteNetworkAclEntryDelete ACL rules
DeleteNetworkInterfaceDelete Network Card
DeleteRouteTableDelete Custom Routing Table
DeleteSecondaryIpDelete IP
DeleteSnatDnatRuleDelete NAT rule for creating internal and external IP mapping
DeleteSnatRuleDelete outbound rules (SNAT rules)
DeleteSubnetDelete Subnet
DeleteVPCDelete VPC
DeleteVPCIntercomDelete VPC Intercommunication
DeleteWhiteListResourceDelete NAT Gateway Whitelist
DescribeInstanceNetworkInterfaceDisplay the network card information bound to the cloud host
DescribeNATGWObtain NAT Gateway Information
DescribeNATGWPolicyDisplay NAT Gateway Port Forwarding Rules
DescribeNetworkAclObtain Network ACL
DescribeNetworkAclAssociationGet the list of Network ACL binding relationships
DescribeNetworkAclAssociationBySubnetGet subnet ACL binding information
DescribeNetworkAclEntryGet ACL rule information
DescribeNetworkInterfaceDisplay virtual network card information
DescribeRouteTableObtain detailed routing table information (including routing policies)
DescribeSecondaryIpQuery SecondaryIp
DescribeSnatDnatRuleObtain the information of the internal and external IP mapping rules created based on NAT
DescribeSnatRuleObtain the exit rules of the Nat gateway (SNAT rules)
DescribeSubnetObtain Subnet Information
DescribeSubnetResourceDisplay Subnet Resources
DescribeVIPObtain private network virtual IP information
DescribeVPCGet VPC Information
DescribeVPCIntercomObtain VPC Intercommunication Information
DescribeWhiteListResourceDisplay NAT Gateway Whitelist Resource List
DetachNetworkInterfaceUnbind the network card associated with the cloud host
EnableWhiteListModify NAT Gateway Whitelist Switch
GetAvailableResourceForPolicyObtain resource information for configurable port forwarding rules of NAT gateway
GetAvailableResourceForSnatRuleObtain the resource list that can add snat rules (exit rules)
GetAvailableResourceForWhiteListObtain resources that can add whitelist to the NAT gateway
GetNetworkAclTargetResourceGet ACL Rule Application Target List
ListSubnetForNATGWDisplay the list of subnets that can be bound to the NAT gateway
ModifyRouteRuleAdd, Delete, Modify Routing Policy
MoveSecondaryIPMacMigrate SecondaryIP
ReleaseVIPRelease Internal Virtual IP
SetGwDefaultExportSet the default exit of the NAT gateway
UpdateNATGWPolicyUpdate NAT Gateway Port Forwarding Rules
UpdateNATGWSubnetUpdate the subnet bound to the NAT gateway
UpdateNetworkAclChange ACL
UpdateNetworkAclEntryUpdate ACL rules
UpdateRouteTableAttributeUpdate Basic Route Table Information
UpdateSnatRuleUpdate Outbound Rules (SNAT Rules)
UpdateSubnetAttributeUpdate Subnet Information
UpdateVIPAttributeUpdate VIP Information
UpdateVPCNetworkUpdate VPC Network Segment
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