Product Introduction
Product Overview

Product Overview

What is ULightHost

ULightHost is a lightweight cloud server product, specifically designed to provide convenient and efficient cloud building services for small and medium-sized enterprises and developers. It is simpler and easier to use than ordinary cloud servers, selling cloud resources as a whole package and providing high-bandwidth traffic packages. Users can build applications with one click, without the need for a complex configuration process, making cloud adoption even simpler.

Product Advantages

The advantages of using ULightHost include:

  • Convenient creation: Selling computing, storage, and network resources as a whole package, simplifying advanced cloud computing concepts and application system creation.
  • Popular applications: Pre-installed software combinations needed for websites, blogs, and other application systems, ready to use out of the box.
  • Cost advantage: Providing high-bandwidth traffic packages, bundled computing, storage, and network resources for high cost performance.

Differences from UHost Products

Comparison ItemULightHostUHost
Target AudienceIndividual developers, cross-border e-commerce, small and medium-sized enterprisesMedium and large enterprises
Business Scenarios- Cross-border shop management, overseas independent sites
- Blogs, forums, news and other websites
- Cloud development/testing/learning environment
- High concurrent access websites
- Big data
- Large games
- Medium and heavy load business
User Experience- Independent simplified console
- Rich application images, ready to use out of the box
- Automated configuration of network/disk, etc.
- Many advanced cloud service concepts, involving VPC, EIP, and many other concepts
- Users build the environment themselves
- Users configure the network/disk themselves
Billing ModeCombination of computing/network/storage package modeConfigure computing/network/storage resources separately, add up billing

Basic Concepts


The computing resources provided by ULightHost are the same as those of Surfercloud UHost. ULightHost is generally suitable for supporting lightweight, low-load, and moderate-traffic application scenarios such as small websites, blogs, forums, cloud development/testing/learning environments.


An image is a template for ULightHost to start and run. The basic image contains the operating system, and the application image contains the basic operating system and pre-installed software.

Currently, ULightHost provides two types of images, basic images and application images:

Application ImageBasic Image
Image DescriptionApplication images contain the basic operating system, pre-installed some application software (such as LAMP, WordPress, etc.) and the running environment and related initialization configuration files required by the applicationBasic images only contain the initial operating system (such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, etc.)
Applicable ScenariosQuickly deploy applications, ready to use out of the box, no need to manually install applicationsUsers install the corresponding application software as needed
Included Images- LAMP
- WordPress
- BT Linux Edition
- CentOS
- Ubuntu
- Windows
- RedHat
- Rocky
Includes all basic images provided by the UHost side


The network service provided by ULightHost is based on Surfercloud's VPC service. Each ULightHost is assigned 1 internal IP by default after creation, which can be used for communication between different ULightHosts. Under the same account, multiple ULightHosts in the same region are in the same VPC by default, and ULightHosts in different regions are in different VPCs. At the same time, each ULightHost is assigned 1 independent public IP by default after creation, and an exclusive public network bandwidth is configured, which can be used for Internet public network access.


The ULightHost product package includes a certain capacity of system disk storage space, which uses Surfercloud RSSD cloud disk/SSD cloud disk/ordinary cloud disk products. The cloud disk is a highly available, highly reliable, low-cost, customizable block storage device, using a three-copy distributed mechanism, providing low-latency, high random IOPS, and high-throughput I/O capabilities.

The lifecycle of the system disk completely follows the ULightHost, purchased with the ULightHost and used as a system disk, and does not support mounting and unmounting.

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