Product Introduction
Billing Overview

Billing Overview

The current billing for ULightHost involves only two parts: basic package and extra traffic outside the package.

Basic Package

The product package in ULightHost includes cloud server resources such as CPU, memory, system disk, and network traffic. For details on the prices of each package, please refer to the information on the actual purchase console.

Extra Traffic Outside the Package

When the actual usage exceeds the monthly traffic limit of the basic package, ULightHost will be billed according to the traffic, that is, the total amount of data transmitted on the public network (in GB) is billed.

Arrears and Suspension Instructions

When your ULightHost is not successfully renewed and the post-paid traffic order is not paid, the resources (including host and IP resources) will enter a state of arrears and suspension.

Warning and recycle strategy

Time NodeWarning Form
Resource Renewal ReminderSend resource expiration warning notifications 7 days, 3 days, and 1 day in advance
Resource Expiration DaySend resource expiration reminder on the day of resource expiration
1 Day After Resource ExpirationImminent suspension warning
2 Days After Resource ExpirationSend suspension notification, customers will not be able to use the resource
5 Days After Resource SuspensionSend recycle warning notification
6 Days After Resource SuspensionSend recycle notification, Surfercloud backend deletes related data

Deletion and Refund Instructions

When you delete the purchased ULightHost, the refund will be made according to the following rules:
1, Refund amount = Payment amount - [Used duration × (Payment amount / Purchase cycle) × 1.5];
2, The used duration is accurate to the day, and less than one day is calculated as one day.

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