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ULightHost offers different combinations of computing, storage, and network resources. Users can choose product packages that match their business needs.

Currently, Surfercloud ULightHost offers the following packages to choose from:

Overseas Region Packages (Tokyo, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Singapore)

CPUMemorySystem Disk-RSSDPeak BandwidthTraffic Package
Package 11140G30M200GB
Package 21240G30M400GB
Package 32260G30M600GB
Package 42480G30M800GB
Package 52260G30M2048GB
Package 62480G30M3072GB
  • The network traffic package corresponding to the package is the maximum traffic package limit. When the traffic package of ULightHost reaches the usage limit, the traffic will be charged according to the regular network bandwidth traffic billing method.

  • Creating a ULightHost does not support specifying the CPU model of the underlying physical server. Surfercloud will randomly assign a physical CPU model that meets the package specifications.

  • The package specifications sold in each region are slightly different, please refer to the information on the actual purchase console.

  • Package changes are not currently supported.

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  • Contact our sales to help your business.