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Introduction to Shared Bandwidth

Introduction to Shared Bandwidth

Shared bandwidth is a bandwidth mode where multiple hosts share the total network bandwidth.
After the user switches the EIP from standard bandwidth to shared bandwidth mode, the funds for the previously purchased external network bandwidth and IP resources will be refunded, and the new resources will be re-priced.

Service Description

  1. The external IP address does not change before and after the network mode switch, which does not affect the network access of the user's business.
  2. Shared bandwidth cannot be used alone, it needs to be used in conjunction with the Elastic IP bound to the host.

Billing Instructions

  1. After enabling the shared bandwidth mode, the bandwidth resources and elastic IP that the user has previously purchased will stop charging, and the remaining amount will be returned to the user's account.
  2. Currently, the minimum bandwidth purchase amount for shared bandwidth is 20Mbps.
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