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This section introduces the concept of database proxies and the rationale for using Read-Write separation in database management.

What is a Database Proxy?

A database proxy is a network service built on top of the highly available UDB MySQL cloud database. It serves as an intermediary between the database server and application server. The proxy manages databases with a master-replica architecture and offers a unified network entry for application services. Key features include high availability, high performance, scalability, Read-Write separation, SQL throttling, SQL statistics, and automatic troubleshooting.

Why Use Read-Write Separation?

The section explains the necessity of Read-Write separation in databases. Relational databases in OLTP operations spend most of the time waiting for read I/O, indicating the need to improve IO capacity for better QPS performance. Since most database operations are read-heavy, Read-Write separation can significantly enhance performance. This is achieved by distributing read requests across multiple nodes, reducing individual node I/O load, and effectively boosting overall system I/O capacity. For OLAP operations, Read-Write separation also plays a crucial role due to its heavy memory and computational demands, allowing parallel data analysis across different nodes.

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