Database Optimization Questions and Answers

Database Optimization Questions and Answers

How do you optimize database performance?

Database optimization involves multiple factors, including but not limited to, indexing, query optimization, hardware upgrades, and parameter tuning to improve performance.

Does increasing the database cache size always improve QPS?

Increasing the database cache size can potentially improve QPS by reducing disk I/O, but it's not always the case. Factors such as workload type, query efficiency, and hardware limitations also play a crucial role.

What are the implications of setting wait_timeout and interactive_timeout too low?

Setting wait_timeout and interactive_timeout too low may lead to frequent disconnections of idle database connections, which can affect long-running transactions or interactive sessions.

Can you optimize the database without understanding the underlying business logic?

While some general database optimizations can be performed, understanding the specific business logic is crucial for targeted optimizations that align with the application's needs.

What is the impact of not setting the max connections properly?

Not setting max_connections properly can lead to insufficient available connections for handling peak loads, causing new connection attempts to fail.

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