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UDTS supports TiDB as a data transfer source/target, supporting version 3.* and above.

TiDB Form Filling

Parameter NameDescription
IPInternal address requires VPC and subnet information.
PortConnection port
UsernameConnection username
PasswordPassword corresponding to the username
Database NameIf it is a single database, please fill in the database name; if there are multiple databases, fill in the comma-separated database list; if it is all databases, please fill in *
Table NameTransfer table name, only valid when migrating a single database. If it is a single table, please fill in the table name; if there are multiple tables, fill in the comma-separated list; if not filled in or filled with *, the entire database will be migrated

Pre-check Items

When using TiDB as the source database, it is recommended that the TiDB parameter tikv_gc_life_time is set to more than 1 hour to avoid migration failure caused by GC during the migration process.

Query method:

select VARIABLE_NAME, VARIABLE_VALUE from mysql.tidb where VARIABLE_NAME = "tikv_gc_life_time"

Setting method:

set global tidb_gc_life_time = '24h';
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