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Data Transfer Service
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Create Task

Create UDTS Task

UDTS is a global service, not distinguishing between regions and availability zones.

Click on Create Task

Basic Setting

Select Service Type

UDTS service types are divided into large, medium, and small Editions. For detailed differences, please refer to Here

Task Setting

Select Task Type

UDTS supports four types of tasks: full migration tasks, incremental synchronization tasks, full + incremental tasks, and bidirectional synchronization.

Fill in Source and Target Details

More Settings

Fill in the Task Name

  • Supports setting task notes, with a maximum length of 255
  • Supports setting task retry times. The task will automatically retry after failure, with a maximum of 5 retries


  • After filling in the task information, click on Purchase Now to pre-check the task

For detailed information on pre-check.

Complete Creation

  • After the pre-check is passed, click on Continue Buy -> Submit my order to complete the task creation

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