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What is UDTS ?

What is UDTS ?

The Surfercloud Data Transmission Service (UDTS) supports full/incremental data transmission between various homogeneous and heterogeneous data sources. UDTS can easily help users adjust data architecture, migrate data across data centers, and perform real-time data synchronization for subsequent data analysis, etc. UDTS does not require the current database service to be stopped, greatly reducing the impact of data transmission on the business.

Mainly includes the following major functional modules:

Data Transfer

Data Transfer is mainly responsible for full data migration and incremental synchronization. It is suitable for scenarios such as business cloud migration, cross-cloud disaster recovery, and cross-availability zone migration.

Data Integration

Data Integration focuses on the convergence of multi-source data, establishing a multi-to-one data synchronization channel for users. It can automatically handle data conflicts through specified strategies, and at the same time, it can modify the names of databases and tables. It is suitable for scenarios such as enterprise BI database integration and database architecture adjustment.

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