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Basic Domain Information and Operations

Basic Domain Name Information and Operations

In this article, you can learn the basic information and some basic operations of an accelerated domain.

Basic Information:

The domain management page displays basic information related to domains, including accelerated domains, source sites, CDN domains, and so on.

Basic operation:

Add Acceleration: Fill in the basic information to create an accelerated domain.

Purchase Traffic: When your account is billed as a prepaid traffic package, you need to purchase traffic before you can create an accelerated domain. Other billing methods do not support the purchase of traffic packages.

Modify Business Group: Modify the business group that the domain belongs to, which is convenient for domain management and categorization.

Stop acceleration: When you don't want to use CDN acceleration for a domain temporarily, you can suspend CDN acceleration by stopping the acceleration operation, which will delete the resolution records but not the configuration content.

Delete Acceleration: When you don't need to use CDN acceleration for a domain, you can delete the domain to stop CDN service.

Start Acceleration: When the status of a domain is "Stop Acceleration," you can start acceleration to resume CDN acceleration.

Basic Information

When you enter the [Details] page, it will first display the basic information related to the domain and the configuration corresponding to the acceleration zone.

Basic Information

The basic information module displays the domain-related content as follows:

Parameter NameParameter ExampleParameter Description
Accelerated Domain (opens in a new tab)Configured accelerated domain , not modifiable
Resource IDucdn-85hy39mvlg2Unique ID of the domain , cannot be modified
Business GroupsUngroupedGroupable domain names, modifiable
TypeOn-DemandIdentifies the acceleration type of the domain , for different acceleration types, corresponding to some of the caching strategy is not the same, can not be modified
CDN (opens in a new tab)CNAME domain , used to bind resolution to the domain
Sourcetest.src.comBack to the source domain /IP, if you need to modify, you need to adjust in the domain configuration page.
Test URL (opens in a new tab)Used to test the quality of the return source, fill in when adding a new domain , can not be modified
Acceleration zoneAll

HTTPS Configuration

When deploying HTTPS, the HTTPS requests generated need to pay the HTTPS request number fee

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