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Enter the log download page to download relevant log information.

Currently, CDN logs are kept for 3 months and can also be pulled via API. If you need to keep logs for a longer period, it is recommended that you download and save the logs as soon as possible.

Logs can be downloaded at a granularity of 5 minutes, 1 hour, or daily. If you need to download daily granularity logs for the current day, they will not be generated until after 8 am the next day.

The default log format is as follows:

1Date and TimeLog record time[2022-02-18 00:15:00]
2Client IPClient ip120.32.40.179
3"Request Method URL Protocol Version"HTTP request"GET /ucdntest.mp4 HTTP/1.1"
4Hit StatusHit status, for specific content display refer to Note 1TCP_HIT
5Response CodeHTTP return status code200
6Bytes SentAll bytes sent in this request including HTTP header674
7Response DelayResponse delay (ms)81
8HostHTTP (opens in a new tab)
9RefererHTTP referer (opens in a new tab)
10UsernameHTTP username - generally "-" if not exist-
11Back-to-source Method/HostBack-to-source method/back-to-source host - reserved, currently all are NONE/-NONE/-
12Server IPIP of the server handling this request27.155.93.38
13Source IPSource site IP122.228.243.88
14Source Site Response CodeSource site HTTP response code0
15Client Request End MarkerClient request end marker (0 for normal end, 1 for client disconnecting prematurely)0
16Source Site Request End MarkerSource site request end marker - currently all are 00
17User-AgentHTTP user-agent (small file ends here)"Mozilla/5.0+AppleWebKit/537.36+(KHTML,+like+Gecko)+Language/zh_CN"
18Request start processing timeRequest start processing time unix timestamp1495186500
19Front-end flowFront-end flow used to identify a unique identifier for an http request similar to id1513283749
20rangehttp rangebytes=0-1
21Bytes sentBytes sent (excluding http header)2
22File sizeFile size8459952
23Bytes hit in cacheBytes hit in cache674
24Bytes merged back to sourceBytes merged back to source0
25Internal error codeInternal error code (for development debugging)0
26Status at endRequest end flag (for development debugging)50
27Bytes obtained from ufileBytes obtained from ufile currently all are 00
28cache portcache port (for development debugging)40080
29Transmission protocolHTTP
30Request hostThe actual requested host, if it is a wildcard domain, then this is the host actually requested by the client


[2020-01-01 18:57:36] 36.x.x.x "GET /xx.mp4?time=1592287214&signature=xxxxxxxxxxxxx HTTP/1.1" TCP_HIT 200 12558573 1949 "" - NONE/- 36.x.x.x 36.x.x.x 0 1 0 "stagefright/1.2+(Linux;Android+8.1.0)" 1615892254 1806241317 - 12557915 12557915 12558573 0 0 50 0 40080 https

Note 1

Hit Status ValueDescription
TCP_HITCache Hit
TCP_IMS_HITIf conditional request initiated by the client, cache hit
TCP_IMS_MISSIf conditional request initiated by the client, cache miss
TCP_MEM_HITMemory Cache Hit
TCP_MISSCache Miss
TCP_REFRESH_HITCache expired, hit after source check
TCP_REFRESH_MISSCache expired, miss after source check
TCP_SWAPFAIL_MISSSource check due to disk hit failure
Note: Large files only have TCP_MISS,TCP_HIT now
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