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Configuration Guide

Configuration Guide

Create Acceleration Domain

Operation Steps

  1. Click on Create Acceleration and configure the acceleration domain you need to access.

If you choose Prepaid Traffic Package, you need to purchase a traffic package before creating a domain. If you choose Postpaid Daily Peak Bandwidth, you need to ensure that the account balance is >0 to create a domain.

Traffic usage:

Remaining traffic = Purchased traffic - Used traffic; Traffic unit is 1GB = 1024MB.

  1. Choose the product you need to accelerate (Static Acceleration), then click Add Acceleration, please fill in the following configuration parameters, see parameter description for details.

Configuration Parameter Description

Configuration ItemDescription
Project GroupManage resources by project, project groups can manage all your resources on the surfercloud platform, can be set in "Permission Management".
Business GroupSet up different business groups under the corresponding project for resource management.
TypePage Acceleration: Suitable for e-commerce, website, game image static resource acceleration scenarios.
Download Acceleration: Suitable for game installation packages, audio and video original file downloads, mobile phone firmware distribution and other scenarios.
On-demand Acceleration: Suitable for audio and video on-demand acceleration scenarios.
Full Site Acceleration: Suitable for dynamic, dynamic and static combined distribution scenarios
Acceleration DomainRefers to the domain that needs to use CDN acceleration, such as, Which cannot start with HTTP or HTTPS.
If the acceleration area is domestic acceleration or global acceleration, the domain to be accessed must be filed with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology before it can be accessed.
The default acceleration domain quota number is 20 at the account level.
Supports wildcard domain acceleration.
If you need to modify the acceleration area configuration or have special configurations, please contact spt or account manager
Acceleration AreaCurrently, it supports domestic acceleration and overseas acceleration; domestic: mainland China; overseas: overseas plus Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan; currently, full site acceleration only supports domestic acceleration.
Under the traffic billing mode, only when you have purchased overseas traffic can you choose the overseas acceleration area, there is no restriction under the bandwidth billing mode, if you want to adjust the acceleration area, please contact technical support or account manager
Test URLPlease enter a URL of a file for testing the connectivity and availability of the website, the domain should be consistent with the previously filled acceleration domain
Origin SiteThe origin site is divided into origin IP or domain, allowing multiple return IPs or one return domain.
When there are multiple origin IPs, the return will be done in a round-robin strategy.
The origin site supports US3 public bucket, and does not currently support private bucket as the origin site.
HTTPS AccelerationTo enable HTTPS acceleration, you need to upload the corresponding certificate for the domain.
Cache ConfigurationFor cache configuration ,Please refer to cache.

After filling in the parameter content, click Confirm to successfully access the acceleration domain. After the review is passed, the corresponding CNAME domain will be assigned.

Domain Verification

Once all configurations are completed, click confirm to submit the acceleration request, and wait for the configuration to be issued by surfercloud:

The configuration will be completed within half an hour. If it is not completed after half an hour, please contact our technical support or account manager for consultation. After the domain status is allowed, you still need to configure the CNAME record in the DNS. Only after configuring the CNAME record can the acceleration be completed.

Configure CNAME

After your domain is accessed and audited, the system will assign a CNAME domain with a suffix of You need to point the accelerated domain to the CNAME address so that requests to access the accelerated domain can be forwarded to the CDN node to achieve acceleration. You need to configure the CNAME record at the DNS service provider, and finally you can use the dig command to check whether DNS has successfully resolved this domain.

Operation Steps

  1. Delete the A record at the DNS service provider and add the CNAME record,

  2. Under my domain title, add the domain to be set. If it has been added, please click on the added domain, and then click the Add Record button:

  • Host record: refers to the domain prefix, for example: the created acceleration domain is, the domain is, and the prefix is static;
  • Record type: please choose cname type;
  • Line type: The default type is network type, generally choose default, if you need special, you can change to other operators;
  • Record value: The CNAME domain provided by surfercloud, after our company's audit, will be sent to users by email, and can also be viewed on the Ucdn console domain management interface;
  • mx priority: setting a cname record does not need to set mx priority;
  • TTL: refers to the update time of the resource record, that is, how long it take to read the latest record from the DNS server, the default unit is seconds, generally choose the default value;

After configuring all parameters, click Save, and the CNAME configuration is complete.

Cname records may conflict with other types of records with the same name, causing all records to fail. Please pay attention when filling in.

Finally, you can use the dig command to check whether DNS has successfully resolved this domain.

Certificate Management

When you need to use https acceleration, you need to upload a certificate.

Go to the certificate management page and click on Upload Certificate. If you need to purchase a certificate, you can click on Purchase Certificate to jump to the USSL Configuration Platform for operation.

Enter Certificate Name, Upload Authorization Certificate (.crt file), Authorization Private Key (.key file), CA Organization Certificate (.crt file).

If your certificate has been uploaded to USSL, you can choose to purchase and upload it. You need to customize the certificate name and choose a certificate that is not expired and whose certificate status is normal.


  • After uploading the certificate, you still need to go to the domain details page to select the corresponding certificate to enable https acceleration.
  • If you need to replace the certificate, please upload a new certificate and bind the new certificate on the domain details page.
  • If you need to add HTTPS, please note that there are costs for HTTPS requests.

    Disable UCDN Service

    When you no longer wish to use the CDN acceleration service, you can stop acceleration or delete the specified acceleration domain on the CDN console.

    Operation Steps

    Enter the UCDN product interface, click on Domain Management. On the domain management page, you can select the acceleration domain you want to handle for stopping or deleting acceleration.

    You can also select multiple acceleration domains at the same time for batch stop or delete.

    When you need to temporarily stop the acceleration service of a specified domain, you can choose to stop acceleration. After stopping acceleration, the domain will stop resolving, it will not switch the resolution back to the source station, and the configuration will be retained.

    If there are domains that do not need the CDN service, it is recommended that you delete the domain acceleration, which can avoid additional costs caused by local DNS resolution delay and binding node access.

    domain Acceleration Service Disabling Policy

    When one of the following three situations occurs in your business, the platform will disable your domain and send a notification.

    1. If the domain has had no traffic for more than 60 days, we will disable the domain but not delete the related configuration of the domain. If you need to use the related domain after disabling it, you can log in to the console to turn on acceleration.

    2. A large number of DDOS attacks occur on the domain, affecting online services. If a large number of QPS requests suddenly occur on a domain, affecting online services, to reduce user costs and ensure the stability of online services, we will immediately block the domain and notify the user. For domain users who have been attacked multiple times, we recommend that you use security products to avoid potential attack risks.

    domain Recycling Policy

    If your domain is in a non-accelerating state for more than 60 days, the domain configuration record will be automatically deleted. If you need to continue using it later, please go to the console to reconfigure and add it.

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