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Format UDisk

Note: Before formatting the disk, we recommend that you back up the data if there is data in the disk.


  • This example environment version image


  • Log in uhost, you can use the page console or RDC tool to connect to the host instance.

  • On the Windows Server desktop, right-click the Start icon and select Disk Management image image

    In this example, Disk1 is the udisk mount point. Please operate according to the actual situation. If the corresponding device is not found, please check the udisk mounting information and status.

  • Select Disk1, right-click on the disk, and select Initialize Disk image If the status of disk is offline, please online disk first. image When the disk is larger than 2TB, only GPT partition is supported. If you are not sure whether the subsequent expansion of the disk will exceed this value, we recommend that you select the GPT partition. If you are sure that the disk size will not exceed this value, it is recommended that you choose an MBR partition for better compatibility. image

  • For a disk partition, right-click in the unallocated space and select New Simple Volume. image

    In the New Simple Volume Wizard window that appears, click Next. image

    Enter the disk size you want for the partition and click Next. image

    Assign a drive letter and click Next. image

    Select the file system, format the partition, and click Next. image

    Click Finish. image

  • Check the status of the new partition. image image

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