Products Overview
Product Advantages

Product Advantages

Ultra-High Performance

RSSD UDisk can privide ultra-high performance:

  • Microsecond latency
  • 1.2 million IOPS per disk
  • 4800MB/s throughput per disk

High Availability

RSSD UDisk use multiple cross-cabinet physical machine backup mechanisms in the availability zone and synchronize them in real time to ensure that they are not affected by single-node failures. The data durability 99.999999%.

Scalable Capacity

The storage capacity of RSSD UDisk can be freely configured and expanded at any time, and the current RSSD UDisk supports a maximum capacity of 32000G. Multiple RSSD UDisk can be attached to a single uhost, so that the capacity of uhost can be infinitely expanded. In addition, RSSD UDisk supports online expand.

Ease of use

RSSD UDisk can be quickly created, mounted, detached, deleted, and expanded, making it easy to deploy and manage RSSD UDisk without restarting the server.

Backup & Recovery

RSSD UDisk supports two backup methods: snapshot and CDP(continuous data protection),the feature depends on USnap. Snapshot can support RSSD UDisk backup, and can be used to restore or create new RSSD UDisk instances.

In addition to fully supporting the snapshot function, CDP also supports the real-time backup function of RSSD UDisk, and can restore or create new RSSD UDisk instances through any point-in-time backup.

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