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Main concepts

Main concepts

The name of RSSD UDisk

Name of user-defined RSSD UDisk

RSSD UDisk Capacity

The size of RSSD UDisk

Mount point

The location where the RSSD UDisk is mounted on uhost

Resource ID

When user creates an RSSD UDisk, the system automatically generates a resource ID, which is globally unique.


When the capacity of the RSSD UDisk cannot support the business, you can expand and upgrade the RSSD UDisk.

Mount & Unmount

The operation of attaching a RSSD UDisk to a uhost and detaching a RSSD UDisk from a uhost.


Snapshots are a disk management feature that effectively prevents data loss and protects data integrity. By creating a snapshot of a RSSD UDisk in seconds, you can retain the state of the RSSD UDisk at a certain point in time and create a RSSD UDisk from the snapshot when it needs to be restored.

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