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Create a RSSD UDisk

You can create a RSSD UDisk in the following four ways:

  • Create an empty data disk on the Disk Management console.
  • You can use the clone function on the Disk Management console to create a data disk. Please refer to: Operation Guide Clone
  • In the Snapshot Service Management console, create a data disk from a snapshot. For details, refer to the following information: Operation Guide Create UDisk from Snapshot
  • Create a data disk with the uhost instance. Please refer to: Creating Your First Host

Note: It is recommended that you do not partition the RSSD UDisk on the uhost, so as not to affect the expansion of the RSSD UDisk.

We recommend that you do not build your own logical volumes, such as LVM, because snapshots are for each independent disk, and the data differences after the snapshot are rolled back after LVM is created and used.


  • In All Products drop-down menu, select UHost. image

  • In UHost Compute Instance page, select Disk Management tab image

  • Click the Create UDisk button, and enter the cloud disk configuration information page. Then customize the disk name and disk capacity, and select the corresponding payment method. image

  • Click Purchase Now button to enter the payment page, after confirming the order, click Sumit my order, and after the payment is completed, the UDisk is successfully created. image image

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