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UMem Redis

UMem Redis is a Key-Value type online storage service that is compatible with the open-source Redis protocol. It supports a variety of data types such as strings (String), lists (List), sets (Set), sorted sets (SortedSet), hash tables (Hash), and advanced features such as transactions (Transactions), and message subscriptions and publications (Pub/Sub). UMem Redis provides high-speed data read and write capabilities while meeting data persistence needs.

UMem Redis offers both master-replica Redis and distributed Redis architectures. Based on a highly reliable dual-machine hot backup architecture and a smoothly scalable cluster architecture, it meets the business needs of high read-write performance scenarios and elastic scaling.

Redis, with its rich data structures and features, excellent single-core performance, and mature software ecosystem, has gradually become the mainstream solution for in-memory storage in Internet applications in recent years. In response to the pain points of native Redis Cluster's high requirements for Client and inconvenient expansion, Surfercloud's distributed Redis product has independently developed a distributed product based on proxy implementation, and has been deeply cultivating the product for many years, pursuing the ultimate in higher performance, larger capacity, data security, etc., continuously providing customers with the ultimate distributed cache service.

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