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Gaming Industry Applications

Gaming Industry Applications The gaming industry can choose UMem Redis as an important deployment architecture component.

Scenario One: Redis used as a storage database

The game deployment architecture is relatively simple, the main program is deployed on UHost, and all business data is stored in Redis, serving as a persistent database. UMem Redis supports persistence and redundant data storage with master-replica dual-machine.

Scenario Two: Redis used as a cache to accelerate application access

Redis serves as a cache layer, accelerating application access. Data is stored in the backend database (UDB). The reliability of Redis service is crucial. If the Redis service is unavailable, the backend database will not be able to bear the business access pressure. UMem Redis provides a highly available architecture with dual-machine hot backup, ensuring extremely high service reliability. The master node provides services to the outside. When the master node fails, the system automatically switches to the standby node to take over the service, the entire switching process is completely transparent to users.

Live Video Streaming Applications

Live video streaming services often heavily rely on Redis. It stores user data and friend interaction relationships.

Dual-machine hot backup ensures high availability

UMem Redis provides a dual-machine hot backup method, which can greatly ensure service availability.

Distributed version solves performance bottlenecks

UMem Redis provides a distributed version instance, breaking the performance bottleneck of Redis's single-thread mechanism, effectively responding to the surge in video live streaming traffic, and effectively supporting high-performance requirements.

Easy expansion to cope with business peaks

UMem Redis supports one-click expansion, the entire upgrade process is completely transparent to users, and can calmly cope with the impact of sudden traffic on the business.

E-commerce Industry Applications

In the e-commerce industry, Redis is widely used, mostly in product display, shopping recommendation, and other modules.

Scenario One: Flash Sale Shopping System

In large-scale promotional flash sale systems, the overall access pressure of the system is very high, and general databases simply cannot bear such reading pressure. UMem Redis supports persistence, and you can directly choose Redis as the database system.

Scenario Two: Inventory System with Counting System

The underlying UDB stores specific data information, and the database field stores specific count information. UMem Redis is used to read the count, and UDB stores the count information. UMem Redis is deployed on a physical machine, and the underlying is based on SSD high-performance storage, which can provide extremely high data storage capabilities.

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