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Main Concepts

Main Concepts

The following terms are mainly used in the UMem Redis product. To facilitate quick use, the following explanations are provided:

Instance NameThe user-defined name of the UMem Redis instance.
ProtocolThe UMem Redis instance supports the Redis protocol.
ModelThe UMem Redis instance is divided into master-replica and distributed versions according to the model.
Master-Replica InstanceRefers to the Redis instance with a master-replica architecture. The dual-node master-replica instance supports expansion and contraction, but the expanded capacity and performance are limited.
Distributed InstanceRefers to the Redis instance with a scalable shard cluster. The distributed cluster instance has better scalability and performance, but there are also certain limitations in functionality.
Resource IDAfter the user creates a UMem Redis instance, the system will automatically generate a resource ID, which is globally unique.
IP and PortThe IP is the intranet address for users to access the UMem Redis instance, which is automatically generated after the UMem Redis instance is successfully created. The default port is 6379.
ExpansionWhen the configuration of the UMem Redis instance cannot support the business, the UMem Redis instance can be upgraded by expansion.
PasswordThe master-replica version supports password access authentication to further ensure instance security.
Configuration Upgrade/DowngradeThe master-replica version supports independent expansion and contraction.
ReplicaThe master-replica version supports the creation of read-only instances. A master-replica Redis instance supports up to 5 read-only replica libraries, which are composed of one master and one replica to ensure the high availability of the read-only replica library.
Cross-Availability Zone High AvailabilityThe master-replica version of Redis supports high availability across availability zones, that is, one master and one replica are deployed in different availability zones under the same region to achieve disaster recovery at the availability zone level.
Replica Library Availability ZoneThe availability zone where the replica library of the master-replica version of Redis is deployed. When the cross-availability zone deployment function is enabled, users can choose to deploy the replica library in other availability zones in the same region.
AttributeDivided into master, replica; the attribute of the master-replica Redis instance is master, and the replica instance of the master-replica Redis is replica.
CapacityThe capacity size of the Redis instance created by the user.
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