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High Availability Architecture

The high availability version instances adopt a dual-master hot backup architecture, completely solving the unavailability of the database due to downtime or hardware failure. The stable and reliable performance far exceeds the industry average.

High-Performance Storage Medium

Based on the distributed storage architecture, the elastic block storage device stores data on NVMe SSD disks (RSSD cloud disks), achieving the separation of computing and storage. RSSD cloud disks are based on a new generation of distributed block storage architecture, with NVMe SSD as the underlying storage medium and RDMA for network transmission, providing users with up to 1.2 million random read and write capabilities per disk and lower single-path latency capabilities.

Database Security and Reliability

The master-replication architecture effectively guarantees data redundancy. Automatic backup strategies are combined with manual backups, and database rollback functions are provided to ensure that valuable data is never lost.

Rapid Deployment

Instances can be quickly deployed online, saving the work of purchasing, deploying, and configuring self-built databases, shortening project cycles, and helping businesses to go online quickly.

Elastic Expansion

Database resources can be elastically expanded according to business pressure, meeting the performance and storage space requirements of different business stages.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Monitoring, alerting, and auditing of the database can be achieved through the console; open API interfaces are provided for the intelligent and systematic implementation of the overall application architecture, making system operation and maintenance management more efficient and convenient.

Lower Costs

Resources needed for business requirements can be activated instantly, eliminating the need to purchase high-cost hardware in the early stages of business, effectively reducing initial asset investment and avoiding resource idle waste.

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