How Tos


Create Subnet

Log in to the console, select the subnet option under the private network VPC, and click the "Create Subnet" button.

Select the VPC to which the subnet belongs, enter the subnet name and subnet segment. The subnet segment must be within the VPC address range and cannot overlap with existing subnets. Click "OK".

Creation completed, the newly created subnet can be seen in the subnet list.

Delete Subnet

Users can delete the subnets they have created. On the subnet function page, select the subnet you want to delete and click the "Delete" button.
Note: Subnets that still contain resources cannot be deleted. Before deleting a subnet, you need to first delete resources such as cloud hosts in the subnet.

After confirming that there are no errors, click OK to delete the subnet.

Display Subnet

In the subnet tab of the control panel, you can display the list of all subnets in the current region.

Clicking on the 'Belonging VPC' item in the list, you can filter out the subnet list that belongs to a specific VPC.

Click on the subnet name or the 'Details' button to enter the subnet overview page.

Click on the 'Resource Management' tab on the overview page to view the resources under the current subnet.

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